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Don’t have time to leave your dog to a grooming salon for 2+ hours? No problem! We’re mobile so you don’t have to worry about dropping your dog off and collecting him/her as we’ll come to you at a location and time of your choice – it couldn’t be more convenient!


As a local company, we’re committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible without ever having to cut corners on the quality of the equipment we use and the results we achieve. Call us today and tell us a little about your dog and we’ll be able to give you a fixed price on how much the total will be.

Amazing Results

From small Pomeranians to large Labradors, we’ve had the pleasure of working our magic on all breeds and sizes of dogs. No matter if your furry friend has matted fur, overgrown nails or fur that’s coarse and thick, we promise that your dog will look and smell amazing after their time with us.

Mobile Dog Wash and Groom Services in Centennial Hills

Washing your dog can be an incredibly fun experience, although if they get loose in the house and decide to shake it out at any point you can have a lot more cleaning on your hands than you bargained for.

However, sometimes it is just not possible to get around to your pooch’s regular cleaning and so with the availability of countless salons and spas geared toward dogs and cats alike, many folks choose to let professionals handle it.

However, wouldn’t a mobile dog wash and groom service be a much better use of your time? Depending on where you live in Centennial Hills, the nearest groomer may be a bit of a drive away, which eats into your time and means that you’ll have to put more gas in the tank.

At Spotless Paws, we love dogs, we own dogs and we are professional dog groomers. As such, we appreciate the need for a service that comes to your home and spares you the journey and time required to make your animal friend smell, look and feel their best.

To this end, we operate 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm and bring our many years of grooming experience to the homes of those in the Las Vegas Valley that want the best for their dog without having to incur the journey or the expense associated with it.

Mobile Dog Grooming Services Centennial Hills

Why You Should Choose Professional Dog Groomers

Time is the obvious reason that we have already mentioned, but when you hire professional groomers such as those on the Spotless Paws team you get so much more for your pet.

First of all, we know how to handle dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. At Spotless Paws, we don’t use cages to ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the experience, but we will care for and look after them in a manner that causes them no anxiety.

And, if you own a particularly large dog, why not leave the lifting and physically demanding labor associated with cleaning to the trained professionals and spare yourself any unnecessary injuries.

Here at Spotless Paws, we have seen it all before so when we handle your dog we know what to look for on their skin, in their ears, eyes, and nails. We have all the right tools necessary to treat skin allergies, flea, and ticks and eradicate nasty odors or irritations that are bringing about persistent discomfort.

There are plenty of unpleasant things to address when caring for your dog, so again, why not let those that know the best methods and have the ideal solutions clean your pet and get rid of any and all messy residues, and anything else that makes you cringe?

At Spotless Paws, we believe that it is important that your dog is groomed regularly. Their hair length, type of coat and breed will determine how often it is necessary, but in the meantime, you can keep things up to date by brushing their coat.

Mobile dog grooming allows Centennial Hills residents to avail of a premium level service without having to venture beyond their home. At Spotless Paws, we are among the best in the business where caring for pets is concerned and we want to treat your dog with the same level of pampering that we give to our own.

In addition to caring for dogs in Centennial Hills, we also serve pooches in the following areas of LV;




Sunrise Manor


Southern Highlands


North Las Vegas

Central Las Vegas…And more!


“Couldn’t recommend these guys enough. They arrived at my house on time and the groomer was friendly and really confident in handling my boxer who is 65lbs. His coat just needed tidying up and he need to get his ears cleaned and nails clipped. I was very satisfied with the service and not having to spend 2 hours at a dog grooming place made me all the happier.” – Giles R.

“The van is clean, very well equipped, very hygienic and it wasn’t smelly at all. And, most importantly, the atmosphere is very relaxing and dog friendly. My dog came out looking amazing so would recommend to all dog owners. Thanks guys.” – Tori K.

“I’m the proud mommy of a little beagle who’s super shy and timid. I toyed with the idea of cutting her hair myself as I didn’t want her to be afraid if I brought her to a grooming salon. I then found Spotless Paws online and I thought it was the perfect solution as she wouldn’t have to be in a cage with other dogs. Roxy was a little apprehensive getting into the van but once inside, she was totally relaxed. I have nothing but good things to say about Spotless Paws after my experience and Roxy was super happy with her fresh look. Will be booking the next time she needs some TLC.” – April C. 

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Spotless Paws, 3900 Paradise Rd #101 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
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