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Don’t have time to leave your dog to a grooming salon for 2+ hours? No problem! We’re mobile so you don’t have to worry about dropping your dog off and collecting him/her as we’ll come to you at a location and time of your choice – it couldn’t be more convenient!


As a local company, we’re committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible without ever having to cut corners on the quality of the equipment we use and the results we achieve. Call us today and tell us a little about your dog and we’ll be able to give you a fixed price on how much the total will be.

Amazing Results

From small Pomeranians to large Labradors, we’ve had the pleasure of working our magic on all breeds and sizes of dogs. No matter if your furry friend has matted fur, overgrown nails or fur that’s coarse and thick, we promise that your dog will look and smell amazing after their time with us.

Portable Pet Grooming

Sometimes life gets busy and it is impossible to get around to doing some of the things that fit into your normal routine. Time is at a premium and so within a few days, those things that you have had to put on the long finger can quickly begin to show signs that they need attention and could use a little care.

When the chips are down and your focus is elsewhere, we know that you want your dog’s life to be as free from disruption as possible, which is why here at Spotless Paws, our portable pet grooming takes the inconvenience, hassle and expense out of the dog grooming process and brings the solution right to your door. We established our business to not cater to North Las Vegas so that premium-level services were attainable at affordable prices.

At Spotless Paws, we are equipped to deal with dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and our van is ideally set up to provide them with a temperature-controlled and comfortable environment in which they can be pampered, better even than in a salon or spa.

Those who might wonder whether utility access is required will be pleased to learn that we have our own generator for electricity, a water reservoir and a separate tank that is used to collect the dirty water, which we dispose of back at our base.


Portable Dog Grooming

Tips for Making Your Dog Comfortable

At Spotless Paws, we appreciate that in the hands of a stranger your dog may be a little more apprehensive than usual. However, there are a few ways that you can make them more comfortable with the grooming process.

First of all, get them used to it when they are young. Pups are much more receptive to new things when they are still learning so brushing, bathing and clipping their nails should be done from a young age. The older they get the more normal it becomes for them.

What’s more, dogs and cats that are used to humans touching their nails and caring for their teeth and ears will make their first professional grooming experience that bit less intimidating, and much more enjoyable. Remember, rewards are important and they will learn to love the process as a result of all the treats they receive.

Many salons and spas are in the habit of using cages to contain the pets they look after, however, here at Spotless Paws you will never see a cage in the back of any of our vans. We don’t believe that it promotes positive feelings in your pet and only makes the grooming process that bit less enjoyable.

The best part of our service here at Spotless Paws is that we can look after your dog or cat right outside your home. So, they don’t have to experience the journey to a strange place and they are in a familiar environment throughout their time with us. Our experiences to date indicate that this makes for a much calmer pet and allows them to relax while they are pampered by our pros.

The team here at Spotless Paws are industry professionals with years of combined experience to our backs. We have looked after almost every breed of dog imaginable in our collective time and our passion for dog care is second to none.

So, for the best mobile dog grooming North Las Vegas pet owners can access 7 days a week, look no further than Spotless Paws. We promise a kind, considerate and enjoyable experience that will leave your good buddy looking, smelling and feeling their best.

Give us a call on (702) 819-9326 or email us at

As well as looking after dogs all over North LV, we also serve the following areas;




Sunrise Manor

Centennial Hills


Southern Highlands


Central Las Vegas…And more!


“Couldn’t recommend these guys enough. They arrived at my house on time and the groomer was friendly and really confident in handling my boxer who is 65lbs. His coat just needed tidying up and he need to get his ears cleaned and nails clipped. I was very satisfied with the service and not having to spend 2 hours at a dog grooming place made me all the happier.” – Giles R.

“The van is clean, very well equipped, very hygienic and it wasn’t smelly at all. And, most importantly, the atmosphere is very relaxing and dog friendly. My dog came out looking amazing so would recommend to all dog owners. Thanks guys.” – Tori K.

“I’m the proud mommy of a little beagle who’s super shy and timid. I toyed with the idea of cutting her hair myself as I didn’t want her to be afraid if I brought her to a grooming salon. I then found Spotless Paws online and I thought it was the perfect solution as she wouldn’t have to be in a cage with other dogs. Roxy was a little apprehensive getting into the van but once inside, she was totally relaxed. I have nothing but good things to say about Spotless Paws after my experience and Roxy was super happy with her fresh look. Will be booking the next time she needs some TLC.” – April C. 

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Spotless Paws,3900 Paradise Rd #101 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169.
+1 (702) 819-9326
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